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Hello! I am Daniël Beeke, a webdeveloper from the Netherlands.

I am searching for an interesting and challenging job in Austria, near Vienna.

I have been doing web development for 11 years now.

I have been a team lead at the Drupal webdevelopment shop, Fonkel for 4+ years. My current job involves a total rewrite of the backbone of the hosting company Oxilion.

I am a system thinker and I get enthusiastic of exploring possible solutions with the customer / product owner.

I love working together, coaching and learning from and with colleagues.

I regularly gave meetup talks about Drupal or javascript things and have a lot of hobby and Drupal projects on Github (80+).

I like philosophy and the intersections of philosophy with the technical world, ethics and other things that are suitable for good talks with fine company.
A selection of my skills Team & various
Architecture, prototyping, technical coaching, making inventory, technical lead, design sprints, scrum, empirical project management

Backend development
PHP, Drupal, CodeIgniter, Nodejs, Docker, Vagrant, PHPUnit, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Debian, Ubuntu

Frontend development
SASS, SMACSS, Jekyll, Gulp, JSPM, PostCSS, Javascript, ES6, web cartography, Leaflet, Mapbox GL, WebRTC

Interested in working together?
Let’s call or email:

0031 (0) 6 37 34 63 64 / mail@danielbeeke.nl

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Hi, I am Daniël Beeke
an autodidact webdeveloper solving complex problems for people & organizations.

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0031 (0) 6 37 34 63 64 / mail@danielbeeke.nl

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