Hi, I am
Daniël Beeke
a software engineer
solving problems for
people & organizations



Media catalog and app publisher for Christian ministries and churches


Crowdsourcing biblical meta data

Bundled Media

A gateway to Christian media


How have the great thinkers influenced each other?


Linked Data forms from validation rules

Liturgical prayer app

Compose your own prayer liturgy

BCP47 Picker

A flexible language picker


Interactive carthography

Window insulation

Calculation tool for carpentry shops



Published on 19-01-2023

New Year; More Open Source

Published on 11-01-2023

RDF; data and schema in one

Published on 03-03-2021

About me

Daniel Beeke From a young age I have always been interested in technology and creating things. Over the years this interest particularly grew in the area of software development. I have been doing that professionally for 15 years now.

Current work

My job involves RDF, Deno, TypeScript and a lot of media. It is for Operation Mobilisation. I am also available for small sized contract jobs and Open Source work.

Previous work

Before this, I have worked at the hosting company Fundaments, rewriting the backbone for their engineers and customers. Other previous jobs are: almost 5 year as a lead developer with a Drupal agency, where we created medium to big sized applications and 2 years at another Drupal agency.

A system thinker and always learning

I am a system thinker and I get enthusiastic of exploring possible solutions with the customer / product owner. Things that I love: working together, coaching and learning from and with colleagues.

I regularly give meetup talks about javascript things and have given talks about Drupal in the past.

Most of the time I have a side project running. I always love learning something new.

I like philosophy and the intersections of philosophy with the technical world, ethics and other things that are suitable for good talks with fine company.

I love Open Source

You can sponsor me so that I can do more Open Source work.

It is also possible to make known which issues you want to see solved.
Contact me for requests.

I am open to the following Open Source work:

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My libraries


Creates a form from SHACL (data validation rules).

Convert SHACL data validation rules to a TypeScript type and a SPARQL query so you can fetch the objects in your TypeScript app.

A language picker using the BCP47 standard for language codes.


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