Media catalog and app publisher for Christian ministries and churches

Software Engineer in a small team
Current day job
TypeScript, RDF, Deno, NodeJS, SCSS, PWA, Docker, Infrastructure as Code
2020 till present

LightNet is my day to day job. In a small group, we are creating LightNet. LightNet is a tool for Christian ministries and (starting) churches to easily create webapps for their target audience. These webapps consist of a Spotify like interface where you have a media catalog (video, eBooks, flyers at the moment) and the end user can save these for offline usage and read / view them.

The idea is that organizations have their own instance of LightNet. It will be possible in the future to connect these instances to eachother. This is done with something that looks like object capabilities. We call this concept behind these connections Federation. It is somewhat similar to the fediverse and Mastadon. The main difference is that we will have a pull mechanism for data fetching, where the fediverse (ActivitPub) has a push mechanism.