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New Year; More Open Source

Published on 11-01-2023

The best whishes for you in this new year! I hope to do more Open Source work in 2023. I have set up an account on LiberaPay so that people can sponsor me.

My goal is to work mainly in the world of RDF and SHACL. But if you have interesting other libraries that you would like to see work on, please contact me and we will see if it is a match.

You can also sponsor me in general. I will be working on my libraries that are related to SHACL. See a list here.

Donate using Liberapay

Summary of the work I am doing

Along with my wife I work for Operation Mobilisation. My wife and I are working on LightNet. This is volunteering work. We have found sponsors in our church and network. This sponsoring does not cover our budget fully unfortunatly. For that reason I am available for one day in the week to do contract work.

Contract work is great, but I love Open Source work more, that is the reason why I will try to see if people want to support me in following my pursuit to do paid Open Source work.

It would mean much to me if you would want to sponsor me in this area. The best situation is ofcourse if I can do open source work that you or your organisation benefit off. If you have a project or bug issue or anything else Open Source related and you would like to see it progress please do not hesitate and contact me.

All the best for the new Year!